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DETAIL: Synonym - MINUTIAE mi.nyoo.she.aye

The small, precise details that makes one unique;

the finer points and subtleties

My school is in a very beautiful location, amongst trees, fields and other artists that make up the Harley Gallery. Set in the heart of Sherwood Forest in the historical and stunning Welbeck Estate.

I trained at Phil Winston’s Theatreworks, studying Musical Theatre. Since then I have dedicated myself to the development of individuals who wish to learn to dance well, but above all to find the joy in dancing.

We are a family run school with a passion for helping people find their passion. I do ask for dedication and discipline, but as I have been blessed to have had some amazing teachers, I will not allow the wonderful lessons I learned to be passed on in a sloppy fashion. We do have lots of fun along the way and we pride ourselves in knowing each student and their story, endeavouring to shape their learning to help them achieve their very best.

I believe in improvisation and we do a lot of creative work and music appreciation. Copying and mimicry are important skills in dance and theatre but the ability and confidence for all our students to create, is encouraged. Throughout our classes we emphasise the detail in technique and we have a great history of examination results, with nearly every child achieving at least 85 marks out of 100 which is a Distinction in all disciplines.



Georgina Rixon (Principal)

LIDTA      BT(Hons)      AIDTA      TC(Dist)      TP(Dist)


Grace Oxley

IDTA Nominated Student


"You don't have to be mad to come to DETAIL, but it does help."  



We have two fully equipped dance studios, reception, W.C and waiting room. Studio two is primarily used by more senior members of the dance school for rehearsal or practise as it has a piano. We are insured; DBS checked and hold a PRS Licence to play music on the premises.



Do you LOVE to Dance, Act or Sing?

DETAIL will have something on the timetable or will endeavour to tailor a class to suit you.

Whether a budding performer or have extensive experience

I will help you take the next step.

Telephone:     07876 700277


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